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The 'glass ceiling' is a term coined in 1979 by management consultant Marilyn Loden. It refers to the elusive and invisible barriers which prevent women and other minorities from achieving success.

It's not just the glass ceiling that Hillary Clinton couldn't shatter in 2016, it's the one that means pregnant women returning to work often don't receive the promotion that had been previously offered to them.

It's the one that means black women in America are the least likely group to be afforded protection from food insecurity and homelessness.

It's the narrative that is told over and over to women: that our worth lies in our image, and not the quality of our minds, actions and  judgements.

So to call ourselves 'The Glass Ceiling' is an act of rebellion. Because as feminists we are fed up of watching each other bang on these ceilings and hear nothing in return. So we are going to work together, provide platforms for each other, and smash the glass ceiling.

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